Revolutionizing Industrial Heating: The Selas Superflame™ High Velocity Low NOx Burner

The Next Generation in High Velocity, Low NOx Burners

A high velocity burner is an industrial combustion device that produces a high-velocity flame. This type of burner is particularly beneficial in applications requiring higher heat transfer rates or where the flame needs to penetrate deeply into the process media. The high velocity ensures better mixing of the fuel and air, leading to efficient combustion and uniform heating.

Some key features of high velocity burners include:

  1. Improved Heat Transfer: Due to the high velocity of the flame, there is an increased heat transfer rate from the flame to the material, leading to quicker heating cycles and improved process efficiency.
  2. Penetration: The forceful nature of the flame allows it to penetrate deeply into materials or cavities, ensuring uniform heating, which is particularly useful in processes like forging or certain types of melting applications.
  3. Reduced Scale Formation: In metal heating processes, the formation of scale (an oxide layer) on the metal surface is a concern. The high-velocity flame can reduce the formation of this scale, leading to better product quality.
  4. Efficient Combustion: The combustion process in a high-velocity burner is often more complete due to better mixing of fuel and air, meaning fewer unburned hydrocarbons and lower emissions.

High velocity burners are used in various industrial applications, including steel reheating, forging, glass melting, and other processes where deep heat penetration or rapid heating is beneficial.

Selas, headquartered in Streetboro, Ohio, manufactures industrial burners and serves the industrial thermal processing industry by offering various innovative and reliable gas burners, combustion systems, and thermal components.  Their new product, the Superflame™ Low NOx Medium & High Velocity Burner, is constructed with an outer tube from advanced silicon carbide. The inner firing tube consists of stainless steel alloy. The high-velocity burner uses two-stage combustion to achieve low NOx emissions. Specifically designed nozzles facilitate excellent NOx-inhibiting combustion in the first stage. The second stage sees combustion products exiting at speeds exceeding 275fps (83mps) for medium velocity and 400fps (122mps) for high velocity.

The Superflame™generates heat in dense loads and circulates it within the furnace, ensuring faster and more consistent heating. Superflame's medium and high-velocity burners operate effectively with either ambient or preheated combustion air, reaching temperatures up to 700°F (371°C). They also feature durable, lightweight, and self-supporting SiC firing tubes. These burners fit perfectly in brick and fiber wall furnaces and attach easily to the furnace, are compatible with ultraviolet detectors, and most models also accommodate a flame rod. The inclusion of a direct spark offers more flexibility in control system design.

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