Eurotherm EPC3000 Suggested Replacement for Obsolete Series 2000

EPC3000 Suggested Replacement for Obsolete Series 2000

The Eurotherm 2200 and 2400 controllers have been two of Eurotherm's longest-running and best-selling control products for the past 25 years. They have proven to be highly adaptable and dependable in a wide range of applications. Many things have changed since the 1990s, however, including considerable breakthroughs in microelectronics technology. Resultingly, Eurotherm incorporated these innovations into new and improved products. 

Consequently, Eurotherm chose to phase out the 2200 and 2400 series controllers on January 31, 2021, with repair and servicing available until 2025

Eurotherm suggests the EPC3000 series of programmable controllers as a substitute for the 2000 Series. They provide the same capabilities you've come to expect, as well as significant enhancements to assist meet today's needs. They also have wiring that is quite similar to the 2200 and 2400 series controllers. Additionally, they come in the precise three DIN sizes. 

Installing the controller into existing panels is painless and straightforward. Furthermore, the EPC3000 series was created with cybersecurity in mind and has been certified to exceed the rigorous standards of Achilles Communications Robustness Testing Level 1. You'll also get superior precision control, excellent thermal stability, and noise rejection. The EPC3000 is also more user-friendly, with a graphical wiring environment to aid in creating applications. Users can choose which function blocks to employ in their application and then connect them with "soft wiring" and includes a graphical setup. Ethernet connections are available via a standard RJ45 connector, allowing for quick access to process and diagnostic data and interface to an external PLC or a plant SCADA. 

The EPC3000 programmable controller provides outstanding value and includes numerous functions that are generally found only in high-end control packages. Whatever your process, the EPC3000 series may assist you in achieving the necessary stability, accuracy, and repeatability.

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The Siemens Combustion Controls SQM4 Synchro Modulating Actuator

The SQM40/SQM41 actuators are suited for driving oil pressure controller, butterfly valves, dampers or for use on other applications that require rotary motion.

The actuators are used primarily for load-dependent control of the flow of gas, oil and combustion air in connection with modulating 3-position controllers or continuous controllers (4-20 mA) and/or directly by burner controls.

The Siemens SQM4 series actuator is great for modulating air and fuel valves. it can also be mounted to a linkage for multiple control points. the resolution on this on this actuator is over 100 steps. this resolution is three times the leading competitor. this resolution is helpful to hone in on the desired set point with precision, rather than hunting or oscillating. this actuator comes in three torque settings: 45 inch pounds; 90 inch pounds; or 160 inch pounds. this actuator is NEMA 4. there is a gasket around the cover and the shaft is sealed to make it entirely NEMA 4. high fire and low fire conditions are simply set by turning these cams. 

The SCC SQM4 actuator has low voltage terminals and high voltage terminals. the low voltage is helpful for analog signals such as 4-20 mA, 0-135 ohm, and 2-10 volt DC. the high voltage terminals are for your line voltages for the actuator to modulate according to the analog signal voltage. 

The SQM4 series actuator is in stock for a common lead time of one to two days. this actuator can be direct coupled to a control valve for air or fuel control, or we also with couplings, crank arms and brackets to mount the actuator for your needs. 

Areas of application are oil and gas burners of medium to higher capacity as well as thermal process plants.

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