Airflow Control Within Close Tolerances Saves Money

Airflow Control Within Close Tolerances Saves Money

In drying and coating processes in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage, chemical, petrochemical, and mining sectors, millions of dollars are lost daily - in fluidized beds, rotary drums, flash dryers, kilns, and similar processes. Because of improper air and product feeds, these devices' failure can cause validation problems, causing downtime, re-validation, and loss of both goods and profits. It's vital to control airflow through these devices.


How can vital processes and devices that need to work within tight tolerances over a broad operating range be supported with continuous air mass flow at a regulated air temperature?

1) Improving Production Efficiency

The off-specification product must be recycled or wasted. This process is too costly, especially in the validated industries. Precise control of airflow and air temperature is essential to maintain high product quality, reduce waste, and increase uptime.  The performance of many processes would benefit from measuring the mass flow of process air.  Also, limited flow meter turndown often constrains operational flexibility - primarily when requirements cover a wide range of operating conditions.  

2) Dealing with Limited Straight Pipe Runs

Airflow meters incorporated into process equipment are often inaccurate due to the short upstream and downstream straight pipe run.  The installation of a good straight run can quickly become problematic in tight quarters, so other solutions are needed.

Products from Air Monitor
3) Reducing Plugging and Coating

Most process equipment designs do not include relatively dirty exhaust flow measurements, even though they can provide significant operational benefits. They are often not included because exhaust flow meters can become coated and plugged when particulates are present — reducing flow meter accuracy.  

Products from Air Monitor solve these issues by enhancing the reliability of your airflow meters by improving their accuracy over a wide range of flow rates, thus improving the process's efficiency, improving the product's consistency, and increasing production rates to reduce fuel spending.

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Siemens Combustion Controls LMV5 Linkageless Burner Management System

The Siemens Combustion Controls LMV5 Linkageless Burner Management System delivers a fully integrated system that is easy to install and commission and provides improved burner performance, efficiency, accuracy, and safe operation.

LMV5 features:

  • Integrated linkageless control, burner flame safeguard and modulation PID control
  • Single and dual-fuel applications
  • Controls up to six independent actuators for optimal efficiency in low NOx burner applications
  • Integrated PID Temperature/Pressure Controller with auto tune for extremely accurate process control
  • VFD control with actual motor RPM speed sensor provides reliable, efficient and safe control of the combustion air blower
  • Integrated gas valve proving system checks for leaks on every burner cycle for increased safety
  • Up to 15 programmable points for each fuel-air ratio curve providing greater flexibility and tighter control
  • 900 highly repeatable actuator positions for precise control
  • Digital positioning feedback from actuators ensure unmatched repeatability
  • Independent ignition position provides reliable light off
  • Annunciation of over 500 fault conditions permits quick, accurate troubleshooting
  • World-wide approvals and technical support
  • Optional O2 Trim for Standard (LMV52.2) and
  • Ultra-Low NOx (LMV52.4) burner applications
  • Optional Flue Gas Recirculation Hold based on Stack Temperature/Time for reliable light off and burner operation
  • Adjustable Flame Failure Response Time

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The FIREYE® BurnerPRO™ Microprocessor-Based Integrated Burner Management Control

Fireye BurnerPRO

The Fireye BurnerPRO is a compact, microprocessor-based, primary flame safeguard control system designed to provide the proper burner sequencing, ignition, and continuous flame monitoring for on-off, multi-stage, or modulating burners used in commercial heating and process equipment firing oil and gas fuels. The system is designed for non-permanent operations that require burner recycling at least once every 24 hours. Flame monitoring for the UV version is accomplished by the built-in amplifier and compatible UV scanner. Control functions and timings are factory set via special microcontroller firmware. 

Download the BurnerPRO™Brochure Here

Through seven SMART LEDs, the control provides current operating status and lockout information in a safety shutdown event.  A complete BurnerPRO system includes the BP110/230, flame scanner, and wiring base. 

The BurnerPRO performs a safety self-test on every start. If a flame is detected before the startup or during the purge cycle, the fuel valves will not be energized, and the control locks out. The LEDs and alarm terminal is used to annunciate the presence of a lockout condition.

Additional functions of the BurnerPRO include:

  • Non-volatile lockout capability
  • Proof of fuel valve closure
  • Air-flow proving
  • A run/check feature allows the operator to stop the program sequence in differentpositions (Purge, Ignition, PTFI and MTFI)
  • Remote and local Reset
  • One second flame failure response time
  • Smart LEDs provide on board diagnostic lockout information
  • Real-time internal diagnostics for added safety integrity
  • Extended temperature operation (-40°C to 60°C) with an over-temp inhibit feature
  • High capacity relay contacts
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Combustion Technology - Your Process Heating and Combustion Experts

Process Heating and Control

Combustion Technology provides the finest Valves, Actuators, Combustion Components, Burners, Flame-Safeties, and more with products such as Krom Schroder, Hauck, Eclipse, and Maxon, Karl Dungs, Siemens Combustion, Access Combustion and Selas. COMBUSTION TECHNOLOGY is your Pacific Northwest and Northern Idaho Industrial Process Heating Serving Specialist.

In the Process Heating & Combustion community, COMBUSTION TECHNOLOGY is a respected leader.  Let COMBUSTION TECHNOLOGY design your next industrial heating and control system, using the best burners and controls for your application, for the ultimate in process control.


The Fox Thermal Flow Meter Difference

Fox Thermal Mass Flowmeters

Fox Thermal flow meters use a constant temperature differential (ΔT)technology to measure air and gases' mass flow rate. The thermal mass flow sensor consists of two Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTDs). The sensor elements are constructed of a reference-grade platinum wire around ceramic mandrels inserted into a stainless steel or Hastelloy tubes.

Fox Thermal Flow Meter

The reference RTD measures the gas temperature. The heated element is kept at a constant temperature, and the instrument electronics measure the gas flow's cooling effect. The electrical power required to maintain a constant temperature differential is directly proportional to the process gas's mass flow rate. The microprocessor then linearizes this data to deliver a 4-20mA output signal.

PowerPro™ Sensor Technology

Used in Fox Thermal Models FT2A and FT3, the Fox Thermal PowerPro™ Sensor operates at a higher power level than other competitive thermal technologies, providing better response time and wider turndown. Compared to a typical Differential Pressure(DP) type flowmeter (see inset), thePowerPro™ sensor offers better low flow or low-end sensitivity. The PowerPro™ sensor also provides exceptional accuracy at high velocities - up to 60,000 SFPM air.

DDC-Sensor™ Technology

The Fox Thermal DDC-Sensor™ is a new state-of-the-art sensor technology used in the FT1, FT4A, and FT4X flow meters. The DDC-Sensor™ is a Direct DigitallyControlled sensor that is interfaced directly with the microprocessor for more accuracy, speed, and programmability. Like thePowerPro™ Sensor, the DDC-Sensor™accurately responds to changes in process variables (gas flow rate, pressure, and temperature), which are used by the microprocessor to determine mass flow rate, totalized flow, and temperature.

Fox Thermal Flow Meter

In addition to measuring flow, the DDC-Sensor™ provides a technology platform for calculating accurate gas correlations. The correlation algorithms allow the meter to be calibrated on a single gas in the factory while giving the user the ability to select other gases in the theGas-SelectX™ gas selection menus. These technologies provide an accurate, multigas-capable thermal mass flow measurement from the leader in accuracy and innovation in thermal mass flow measurement technology.

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