Top 5 Gas Flow Meter Selection Criteria

Top 5 Gas Flow Meter Selection Criteria

The first and most important feature is that the flow meter is simple to set up and operate

Nobody enjoys complexities, and your facilities manager is no exception. Choose a simple flow meter to install, requiring little maintenance and not requiring any additional calculations. Make that the flow meter can connect with your DCS, PLC, or control system without difficulty. Knowing that the flow meter has the appropriate certifications for usage in dangerous regions is reassuring and a requirement! 

Flow meter precision is the second most important feature

Who knows what's going on behind the scenes in the pipes? As a result, you'll need a measurement instrument to correctly measure the flow in the pipes and provide you with a window into your process. Have high expectations for the process's correctness across the whole spectrum of operation, whether at high or low flow rates. 

Flow meter field flexibility is the third key feature

Flow meters with limited flexibility that require a return authorization to the manufacturer's factory for modification or recalibration are causing you downtime. Select a full-featured flow technology that allows the user to make adjustments or confirm accuracy in the field. These flow meters will keep you in control of your process and help you prevent downtime. 

Flow meter cost-effectiveness is the fourth key feature

Do your homework and acquire several quotations. Some technologies promise the moon and stars, but the price tag may be prohibitive. 

Flow meter reliability is the fifth key feature

Choose a flow meter that can accurately measure flow over time with minimal effort. The bottom line is that you want to be able to rely on the readings from your flow meter without needing to perform routine maintenance or recalibrations.

Selas Heat Technology Company Combustion Technology and Heating Product Catalog

Selas Heat Technology Company Combustion  Product Catalog


Selas industrial burners incorporate innovative combustion technology to ensure maximum performance and process efficiency. Selas remains the best choice for value, reliability, and performance with a wide variety of reliable burners and complete industrial combustion systems.

Selas products are used worldwide in numerous industries where heating products are critical to manufacturing goods. You will find Selas burners in automotive, food, petrochemical, metal, paper, forest products, aggregate, glass, and plastics manufacturing.

These industries require reliable burners for applications such as preheating, heat treating, annealing and tempering, melting, surface coating and modification, brazing, drying, finishing, baking and searing, and many more.

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