Hydrogen Ready Flame Scanners

Hydrogen Ready Flame Scanners

With the global energy market's increasing need for hydrogen (H2), proper flame detection and discrimination are crucial. Although ultraviolet detection is commonly utilized for H2 flame detection, it is only a tiny part of accurate detection. 

H2 is frequently used in conjunction with variable ratios of natural gas or other gasses to produce fluctuating flame characteristics. The wavelength of a typical H2 flame ranges from 220nm to 600nm, most of the time being in the 300nm range. Although this is outside the standard detection range of Gieger-Muller tube technology, contemporary solid-state sensors are more than competent. The flame flicker frequency changes as the H2 / gas ratio changes, implying that proper detection and discrimination require flame scanner technology to address these shifting flame profiles.

Fireye's InSight® scanners have shown to be effective in various H2 and H2 / gas mixture applications. While different flame scanners can detect the UV signal, not all of them have the many frequency settings needed to detect and differentiate. The InSight® range from Fireye features 21 adjustable frequency ranges and the option to keep four alternative sets for multiple fuel variations. These memory values can be changed during detection using two-wire communication. Fireye's InSight® series is available in IR or UV or in a dual UV & IR configuration, allowing you to add IR detection to the flame discriminating profile if necessary. All Fireye InSight® scanners are now available in ATEX and IECEx hazardous environment versions.

Fireye's InSight® Features

  • Infrared, ultraviolet or both 
  • 21 Frequency ranges
  • State of the art algorithms • A TEX & IECEx options
  • Global certifications 
  • SIL 3 certified
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