Designing a Combustion Air/Gas Pre‐Mix System for Red-Ray Infrared Process Burners

Infrared Process Burners

Industrial infrared heating applications are carried out with infrared (IR) emitters, either by converting electrical current (based on the resistance of the emitter) or by converting natural gas or propane to IR energy through combustion. The strength of the emitted infrared energy is a function of its material temperature and is inversely correlated with absolute temperature (hotter emitters equal to shorter wavelengths equal to higher infrared energy). Careful consideration must be given to the application load, the target size, IR wavelength and power of the emitter in order to function properly.

Industrial IR heating systems are widely used for a variety of industrial applications. The most common are in these areas; powder coating, drying, drum heating, hardening, preheating, curing, component testing, baking, sterilizing, and melting.

Red-Ray™ is a leading manufacturer and the inventor of gas-fired infrared burners. Pyronics® is a leading brand of ceramic infrared burners. Red-Ray™ and Pyronics® metal and ceramic infrared burners. Both brands are owned by Selas Heat Technology.

Selas Heat Technology publishes a very helpful document titled "Designing a Combustion Air/Gas Pre‐Mix System for Red‐Ray Infrared Process Burners" for technical reference when using Red-Ray™ burners.


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