Combustion Technology Partners with Selas Heating Technology In Pacific Northwest


Combustion Technology, LLC is now representing Selas Heating Technology Company in the Pacific Northwest. 

Selas Heating Technology is an industrial burner manufacturer and continues to serve the industrial thermal processing industry with a wide range of innovative and reliable gas burners, combustion systems and thermal components to support many different types and brands of ovens, furnaces and thermal processing applications. They combine robust products with the latest technology to provide clean, efficient and safe heat. All Selas burners and combustion components are designed to provide maximum fuel efficiency and reliable operation.

Combustion Technology engineers, specifies, and applies combustion and process heating equipment to companies located in the Pacific Northwest for over 30 years. From discrete components such as temperature controls, thermocouples, gas pressure regulators and flowmeters, to complete industrial burner systems and packages, Combustion Technology delivers the experience and knowledge you need to optimize your process heating system.

For more information about Selas Heating products, contact Combustion Technology, LLC. Call them at 800-327-1831 or visit their website at