The Siemens Combustion Controls VKG Series Butterfly Valves for Natural Gas, Propane, Butane, or Air

The Siemens Combustion Controls VKG series butterfly valves control the flow of natural gas, propane, butane, or air. The valves are positioned using either a manual kit, crank arm kit, or rotary actuator. VKG threaded butterfly valves are available from sizes 1/2” to 4” NPT with UL approval and sizes 1/2” to 3” Rp with CE approval.

VKG Series Butterfly Valve Features

  • Full, medium, or reduced port versions available
  • Shaft supported by precision bearings for repeatable performance
  • Low leakage rate at full closed position without a beveled disk
  • Low pressure loss at the full open position
  • Corrosion-resistant for outdoor applications
  • Clear position indication on a 2” laser-etched, anodized dial
  • 90° clockwise or counterclockwise rotation
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