Fireye VFS-2000: A Cutting-Edge Turbine Flame Sensor for Extreme Environments

Fireye VFS-2000: A Cutting-Edge Turbine Flame Sensor for Extreme Environments

Monitoring flame presence and intensity ensures safe and efficient power generation and industrial process operations. The Fireye VFS-2000 Turbine Flame Sensor is a state-of-the-art device designed to meet the challenges of extreme high-pressure and high-temperature environments in various industries, including power generation, oil refineries, petrochemical plants, and more.

Extreme Environment Applications:

The VFS-2000 Turbine Flame Sensor withstands the harsh conditions encountered in turbine generators, steam boilers, waste incinerators, down-fired reformer furnaces, ground flares, rotary kiln systems, ovens, and dryers. These environments are typical in power generation facilities, oil refineries, petrochemical plants, ammonia plants, and the paper and pulp industry, where reliable flame sensing is critical for process control and safety.

Ultraviolet Optical Energy Detection:

The sensor detects ultraviolet (UV) optical energy emitted by the flame, spanning the wavelength range of 200-400 nanometers. This selective sensitivity to UV radiation allows the VFS-2000 to accurately detect the presence of a flame while remaining unaffected by visible light and infrared (IR) emissions from hot walls. By focusing on the UV spectrum, the sensor provides a reliable and precise measurement of flame brightness, even at very low levels.

Loop-Powered 4-20mA Output:

The VFS-2000 Turbine Flame Sensor features a loop-powered 4-20mA output, which represents the flame brightness detected by the sensor. This industry-standard output signal enables seamless integration with existing control systems, allowing for continuous monitoring and real-time response to changes in flame intensity. The loop-powered design simplifies wiring and reduces installation costs, as the sensor can be powered directly from the control loop.

Innovative Design for Turbine Integration:

Fireye has developed an innovative design approach that entirely separates the optical sensing device from the turbine environment. This unique feature eliminates expensive water or pressurized air cooling systems, typically required to protect sensors in high-temperature environments. By isolating the sensitive optical components from harsh conditions, the VFS-2000 offers enhanced reliability, reduced maintenance, and lower operating costs than traditional flame sensing solutions.

The Fireye VFS-2000 Turbine Flame Sensor significantly advances flame monitoring technology for extreme environments. With its ability to detect UV optical energy, loop-powered 4-20mA output, and innovative design that eliminates the need for cooling systems, the VFS-2000 offers reliable, accurate, and cost-effective flame-sensing solutions for various industries. Ensuring precise flame monitoring and control enhances safety, efficiency, and productivity in power generation and industrial processes.

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