The NORVAL Pressure Regulator by Pietro Fiorentini

The NORVAL Pressure Regulator by Pietro Fiorentini

The NORVAL is a self-actuated, spring-loaded pressure regulator designed for medium and low-pressure applications downstream. It is adept at handling gaseous, non-corrosive fluids as long as they've been pre-filtered.

The NORVAL responds rapidly to shifting operational conditions thanks to its balanced valve design. This feature renders it particularly useful in situations like serving ON-OFF burners and other industrial processes requiring swift flow rate adjustments.

One of the key advantages of the NORVAL regulator is its impressive regulation accuracy, even in the face of considerable changes in upstream pressure and flow rate, making it an ideal choice for natural gas gate stations and a range of industrial and commercial applications.

In its basic version, the NORVAL regulator categorizes it as a "Fail to Open" type, meaning if it fails, it does so in the open state. The NORVAL sports a top-entry design, conferring various management benefits, including the ability to carry out comprehensive maintenance without disconnecting it from the piping network.

  • Simple Installation
  • 250:1 Turndown: Allows for wider applications
  • Constant Outlet Pressure, despite varying inlet pressures
  • High Accuracy
  • Balanced Valve Design: Provides quick response to varying operating conditions 
  • Over Pressure Protection: Optional bolt on slam shut
The NORVAL regulator is crafted with an emphasis on modularity, facilitating the inclusion of alternative devices and additional accessories within its basic structure. Furthermore, these additions can be made later without altering the current piping connections. A unique add-on is the slam-shut, a safety accessory that cuts off the gas flow when it detects abnormal pressure conditions, compared to the set pressure switch point.

Two model variants, SN91 and SN92, are available, and the precision class of the block device can reach up to AG 2.5. The slam-shut device comes with an optional manual tripping button for localized operation. The slam-shut device needs to be manually reset for safety purposes, and a bypass device is incorporated within the valve to simplify this process.

Furthermore, the slam-shut device can be equipped with either pneumatic or electromagnetic attachments for remote operation. It can also incorporate sensors such as micro-switches for remote tripping signal transmission.

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