What Are Immersion Tube Burners?

What Are Immersion Tube Burners?

Immersion tube burners are industrial burners that are used in process heating applications, such as boilers and heat exchangers. They are named "immersion" burners because the combustion chamber of the burner is located inside a metal tube, which is immersed into the fluid being heated.

In these burners, a fuel source, such as natural gas or propane, is mixed with air and ignited inside the tube. The heat from the combustion process transfers to the fluid, which is being heated, through the metal tube walls. The heat transfer rate can be controlled by adjusting the flow rate of the fuel and air mixture into the tube.

Immersion tube burners are used in a variety of industrial processes, such as heating water for steam generation, heating liquids for chemical processes, and heating gases for drying or other industrial processes. They are preferred in many applications because of their high thermal efficiency, ease of installation and maintenance, and precise temperature control.

Overall, immersion tube burners are a cost-effective and reliable solution for many industrial process heating applications, providing precise temperature control and efficient heat transfer.

Combustion Technology, LLC partners with Selas, the TFR Packaged Immersion Tube Burner manufacturer. The TFR is a pre-packaged burner system for liquid tanks with small bore (2.5" to 8" diameter) immersion tubes. TFR packages, when used with natural gas or propane, are intended to create high-fire thermal inputs up to 3.5 MM Btu/hr. A powerful, high-velocity flame wipes the tube's surface, encouraging up to 80% system efficiency. Firing rates can be increased with bigger capacity, external combustion air blowers, and induced draft exhaust fans.

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