UL508 Industrial Panel Shop Serving The Pacific Northwest

UL508 Industrial Panel

In any manufacturing business, industrial control systems are critical. According to Underwriters Laboratories (UL), an industrial control panel is a combination of two or more components of industrial control equipment.  A consistent and systematic arrangement of various features such as logic, process, overload relays, motor, circuit breakers, fused disconnect switches, pushbutton stations, timers, switches, terminal blocks, and pilot lights makes up an industrial control panel.   Related control circuit components, such as cabling and interconnection with other systems, regulate plant operations with little or no human intervention in a larger process control environment.

In the United States, UL 508A is the technical standard for Industrial Control Panels and is directs the design and construction of the industrial control panel. UL 508A control panels enable industrial systems to achieve data security while also preventing electrical risks. Electrical inspectors look for this mark as proof of third-party certification. Municipalities, government agencies, regulating bodies, and the panel purchaser all care about this. It's a symbol that demonstrates the panel's adherence to approved safety requirements. Engineers certified following the UL 508A standard advise their clients on how to create UL-compliant products. They also collaborate with them to create a worldwide design that eliminates the need for unnecessary or less-safe variations.

Combustion Technology, LLC is a UL508 approved panel designer and fabricator serving the Pacific Northwestern United states.