In Thermal Mass Flow Meter Selection, Fox Has the Advantage

Fox Thermal has the only thermal mass flow meter that comes with the award-winning DDC sensor. This rugged system is a digitally operated sensor that speeds processing by interfacing directly with electronics of the flow meter. The innovative digital sensor signal processing offers a technology framework for measuring gas correlations using GAS-SELECTX, a gas selection feature that enables users to select a particular gas composition in the field and press a button from gas menus. This feature also makes it unnecessary to send the flow meter back to the manufacturer when the gas composition changes. Fox is the only supplier to deliver this feature, without risking loss of accuracy.

Another way to configure the gas composition of the meter is by using the FT View app. You can download and install this free and intuitive app on your Desktop in a few minutes. If the flow meter is connected via the regular USB port, the program enables the user to easily customize meter settings to display data charts, run simulations, log data, and measure meter accuracy.

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